Welcome to my homepage...

I'm a PMTS at Innovation Labs (iLabs), an R&D wing of [24]7 Inc formerly known as 24/7 Customer. We are working on few patent pending web based SaaS (Software as a Service) products in CIM/CLM domain.

In my previous avatars, I've worked as an SSE at Y! India R&D, as an SMTS at Oracle India in their Server Technologies (ST) division (all in Bangalore) and as an ASE at CA ITC (in Hyderabad).

After qualifying JEE in 2000, I completed my integrated masters (dual degree) in Maths and Computing from Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Kharagpur (India) in 2005. Its been almost 6+ years in Bangalore and I'm still in awe with this city despite all the traffic and other chaoses that others complaint about... :)

You will find information about me and few links that you may find interesting and useful. Main purpose of this website is to have a personal webspace and keep friends updated about what's new happening in my life.

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